Today’s IT&C market is a complex one and full of challenges. Our mission is to help you navigate those challenges through the help of our experts when you need any kind of  IT&C assistance.

Our IT&C team will be present wherever the situation demands it, aboard your ship or your company’s office and our experience will provide solutions to you and your problems that will help prevent lost revenue and clients as a result of implementing badly suited technology.

We will audit your existing systems and following discussions with all parties involved, create a concise, documented solution that will cover all of your company needs. The next step will be the implementing of the chosen solution and overseeing the entire change process, from inception to the end user.

The chosen solution will help you implement an integrated structure, which will provide the foundation for all the IT&C activities, maintain that structure at the highest level and at the same time allow integrating the latest technologies.

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Tomrad Communications can also  offer the following Marine and Oil&Gas Simulators :

  • Navigational Simulators
  • GMDSS Simulators
  • Engine Room and Cargo Handling Simulators
  • Crane Simulators
  • Simulator Development Tools

We retail Marine and Oil&Gas Simulators Equipment from:


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